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Due to our ever growing design capabilities brought on by new technologies we serve a wide range of industries.
With our steel laser cutting and folding department and expanded engineering and fabrication capabilities.
The types of products we design and engineer include: Safety Ware, Sanitary Wares, Food Processing Components as well as laser cutting and folding of precision components for most industries.

Meat & Fish

As a full-line supplier, our state-of-the-art meat processing equipment, systems and software can aid you at any stage of the processing chain.  There has been continued demand in the seafood industry with special attention now being paid to sustainability & local sourcing.New product developments in processed meat and seafood in Ireland tend to focus on being less processed or having a more artisanal image. Frozen processed seafood, in particular, benefits from such product developments which support its continued growth despite the maturity of its sales.

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Balfab offer a wide range of machine types that are involved in the production and processing of dairy related products such as yoghurt, ice cream, processed cheese, desserts and is a slightly different genre to pure milking machinery. Since the abolition of quotas, Ireland is on the road to becoming a global leader in the development of a high value, environmentally sustainable dairy industry based on our extensive grass-based dairy system. Irish dairy companies have invested hundreds of millions towards this goal, resulting in over €4 billion worth of exports in dairy products, ingredients and nutritional products per annum.

Cow in a field in Ireland beef marketCheese board Irish cheese marketDairy farmer using stainless steel Ireland


Industry revenue is expected to increase in 2021 as a result of the significant rise in demand. Large supermarkets including Tesco reported a surge in demand for bread and other bakery products after lockdown measures were introduced. Demand for flour has also surged, with The National Association of British and Irish Flour Millers stating that the rise in demand was unprecedented and its members were operating for longer hours to meet demand.

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Chocolate sales continue to grow in Ireland in 2020. Per capita consumption of chocolate confectionery is still very high in Ireland compared to Western Europe as a whole. After Germany and Switzerland, Ireland is the third largest consumer of chocolate in the world. Many key players are reformulating their products to contain less sugar, anticipating a wider roll-out of the sugar tax in Ireland.

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The Hospitality sector is a key component of the Irish economy. It's been hit hard in 2020 and looks to have restrictions in place well into 2021. We manufacture products that help take your food from farm to plate. We support industrial kitchens in food processing and well as safety and sanitary procedures.

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