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Stainless steel bump rails, bump guards, wall guards, internal and external security bollards, cladding/skirting, benches, lockers, drainage troughs, drain traps.  

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Professional Service

Our team of qualified engineers and technicians will liaise with you to determine your specific technical requirements and project needs. This consultation exercise quickly translates into a tailor-made working solution for review, design validation and formal sign off.  Our CAD design team employs current design software inclusive of Radan, Inventor and Solid Works and related 3D modelling applications.  We can also offer prototype services as deemed necessary especially where projects require significant levels of automation and process control.

Safety lockers from Balfab Stainless Ireland

Bollard Storage Unit

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Stainless Steel Bumper Rail

Stainless Steel Bump Rails are used to add protection to wall kerbing, buildings, machinery or vulnerable fixtures. The Stainless Steel Bump Rails are suitable for hygienic environments as it is manufacture from stainless steel.
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Stainless Steel Safety Bollards

All our safety/security bollards come in both 304 and 316 stainless steel. Our newly deisgned bollards are manufactured to last in harsh enviroments and are hygiencally designed to elimate any dirt traps. Each bollard comes with a safety ground lid which closes over the hole when the bollard is removed. Bollards come in various sizes as required. Bollards are suitable for both internal & external enviroments.
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We work with leaders in Catering, Dairy, Bakery, Confectionary, Beverages, Meat and fish industries.

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